Monday, May 23, 2011

Agents, PLEASE only advertise Your Own Listings!!

I spent the day tracking down some listings in coastal South Carolina. I had a list of agents that I have been planning on contacting. Turns out that most were a waste of time. PLEASE do not list a property for sale that is not your listing UNLESS you CLEARLY indicate this in the ad!!

As a business man, I understand that you may be trying to build a buyer's list, but please do not do this at the expense of my time. It is a waste of my time to talk to me when you are not the listing agent. Many of the ads went to great length to indicate that they were the listing agent - to the point of posting the property on their websites!! Many agents have lost their license for abusing this!! Pay attention!! Just because it is not the MLS does not alleviate your from your ethical and professional duties and obligations!!

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