Friday, June 28, 2013

If You Can Not Trust Family, Who Can You Trust

I was raised in a manner that "if you cannot trust  family, who can you trust". Families need to stick togther and be the one place for love and support. WELL, not in this story!!!!   Shocking as it may is a truly sad story about an individual - war hero and his struggles and family contribution to the struggles.
It is not always the bank that is the bad guy. A 92-year-old World War II veteran found this out the hard way after raising nearly $140,000 online to help him buy back his home from his daughter, who is trying to evict him. The man built the house more than five decades ago and the value of the house and land upon which it sits is about $50,000. His daughter used a power of attorney to convey the deed of the house to herself and is now seeking her father’s eviction. Upon learning of the deed transfer, the man switched power of attorney to his granddaughter, but it was too late to save the house. The daughter has refused an offer of $60,000, saying that $100,000 is more realistic in her eyes. She also appears to believe that her father should be living in a nursing home instead of alone with part-time care. This may be a legitimate reason, but SHEEZ, she is evicting her father!!!

Unfortunately, since the daughter had power of attorney and the right to transfer the deed, it appears unlikely that the situation will have a happy resolution for the veteran. Although those with power of attorney usually do not have the right to transfer assets to themselves out of the estate they oversee, in this instance the statute of limitations had passed before the deed transfer was discovered. The man and his granddaughter used to raise the money to buy back his house and promise to be “completely transparent with how the money is used.” It will likely go toward finding him a new home. “He never thought this would happen,” said his granddaughter.
Unbelievable, yet not surprising today...
Paddy Deighan J.D. Ph.D

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