Saturday, January 21, 2012

3rd Party Short Sale negotiations, Part III

3rd Party Short Sale negotiations, Part III. Today, I wanted to discuss the reasons in favor of utilizing in- house 3rd party negotiators. The first reason for an in-house negotiator is that the agent already has established a relationship with the seller and there is a high level of trust. The seller will be comfortable discussing finances with the agent. The agent will also be diligent in pursuit of the approval since they are a professional and their compensation will dependent upon a successful outcome.
Agents also have the experience and depth of knowledge to complete a successful approval. Keeping the negotiations in-house also simplifies the process since there is not another person or firm engaged in the process. This simplifies the process and avoids the all-to-frequent occurrence of “too many chefs in the kitchen”. I have been involved in many short sales during the last six months in which too many people get involved and call the lender and title. Title in particular will be disturbed by too many calls and people involved in the process. The situation was analogous to the telephone game that we played as a child. As the message was whispered from pupil to pupil, the message is completely distorted. The more individuals involved in the short sale negotiation (even if they are from the same firm, broker, etc.), the higher the possibility that some information may be distorted.
All in all, I do not believe that there is a definite answer to which method is best. There are great 3rd party negotiators and there are no so great negotiators. This is also true of agent negotiators too. So, there is no definitive answer. Even though there is no definitive answer, the issue is a very important one. The success (or failure) of a short sale negotiation is the single biggest issue in obtaining approval. Such an important decision must be made with great care.

Padraic Deighan

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