Monday, July 4, 2011

Nice work Wells Fargo....BRILLIANT!!!!

I have a client that owns a property in South Florida. The home went to foreclosure sale despite the fact that Wachovia (Wells Fargo) had granted an adjournment because there is a solid short sale offer. The sale goes through and we filed protest, objection and Lis Pendens to cloud title. A hearing is set for later this month.
The purchase certificate has not been issued and title has not transferred. Despite this, Wells Fargo advertised for a contractor to clear out personal items and perform some other services. The property is in Collier County and the contractor is from Jacksonville! Make sense??? Not to me!! It gets MUCH better! The general contractor hires illegal immigrants to actually do the work. The illegals move into the home; are driving a car with no insurance and registration is issued to another vehicle and the wife of the sub-contractor has warrants for her arrest.
The illegals remove personal and valuable items in violation of the laws. Wells did not have the right to remove or take these items. The illegals trashed the property and took everything of value. The astute real estate agent (she is fantastic, Karen Wasserman @ Sun Realty) calls the police and the police call the real estate agent from Wells and advises that all activity on the property must stop since the purchase certificate has not been issued and there is a Lis Pendens on the property.
Two weeks later (this weekend), the illegals return, move back into the property and were in the process of apparently taking the spa when then police arrive again. Apparently, the wife of the sub-contractor performed her best Michael Johnson impersonation and performed a sprint that would be the envy of the fastest runner.
When are the lenders going to bring professionalism and legal standards to this market?? When is the government going to start doing something about illegal immigrants that continue to commit crimes?

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