Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ya Wanna Know What is Wrong with Health Care??

Ok, this does not have much of anything to do with real estate, but it needs to be said! Says ME! A friend is having surgery so I asked if there is anything that I can do! The response was that a prescription needed to be picked up for post surgical protocol. OK, no problem, I will pick it up. Well it seems that there was a problem with the insurance card. Pharmacist claimed that a new card was issued for the patient.

OK, that was the FIRST problem. The prescription was renewed online 12 hours earlier yet no one from the pharmacy bothered to call and see if the plan member had received a new card.

I get to the 24 hour CVS and the pharmacist tells me that he cannot get an approval because a new insurance card had been issued. Great! It is 1 AM and I dare not call the patient who is getting up in 3 hours.

Well, I thought that I would ask..."how much is the prescription". Pharmacist replies, $11.99! Great, I will just pay for it! WELL, that started a 20 minute debacle. Changing something int eh computer...RE-FILLING the prescription (WHY??). Pharmacist returns with the prescription and I HAD to ask..."how much would the co-pay have been?? He replied, "$15". THAT is what is wrong with health care in this country. Exhibit A. Not to mention that the pharmacist stated that this happens all of the time!!! Great!

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